Two Months with Pictures


Cameron gave a “TEDx” style talk to a large group of friends. He was very impressive
Trying new things, including vegan indian food
Cameron goes to work before I wake up in the morning, but he always leaves a little pillow cuddle buddy for me 🙂
Christmas Cheer in the District
Exploring the new Renwick Museum
Roasted Marshmallows at a city Christmas Stroll- it was rainy, cold and empty. But we got multiple marshmallows
Our very first Christmas Tree- the guy gave us a discount because of Cameron’s whit and my hat
We discovered an herbal chai tea- and we are OBSESSED. One weekend, we had two or three cups a day. Yum.
Playing with this darling guy at the animal shelter. We nearly walked out with him. 😦
Love our home- all decorated for the holidays.

one month with pictures

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On October, 10th, Cameron and I were married in the Palmyra, NY LDS Temple.

we got a few of our wedding picture back from the VERY talented Kylene Lynn. We cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures!

IMG_4501 IMG_4512

We had a quick honeymoon to Seneca Falls, NY. Best way to start off a marriage is at a Woman’s Right Memorial town


Cameron’s parents flew out to celebrate with us at our open house, and they were so kind to help us paint our apt from a hideous cream to a very nice grey.


It was great to see friends at our open house!


Birthday’s are the best with a husband – and a gluten free cake with the most delicious salted caramel frosting.


Cameron and baby Margot are bonding


Every day you ask me if I’ve had any nice thoughts that day. I always say, not especially. I lie. Everyday, I think about you, about us, about who we will become. It’s never anything concrete, but it’s always a nice thought.

It makes me think of something Georgia O’Keefe said- “you’re one of my nicest thoughts”


dear future husband,

i found you.

we met january 10th. i was on a date with your roommate, and while he was out of the room, we made small talk. we talked a few times over the next month, but then you looked up my number. our first date was febuary 28th. we met up for lunch, went to a museum and talked straight for six hours. maybe seven. i went to a girl’s night right after and was so excited to tell them all about you. i knew that night that you were someone very special. i knew that you were my future husband. i was completely smitten.

we held hands for the first time the next thursday. it was a snow day, and you walked from your house to mine. forty five minutes in a snowstorm- uphill. i changed four times before you came over. looking effortlessly casual is really difficult. we watched youtube videos about elevators and escalators. it was the silliest thing i’ve watched, but it was great. you were so adorable. i wanted so badly to hold your hand. then, eventually, while watching parks and rec on my laptop, you reached over and held my hand. we cuddled, talked and laughed for hours.

we had our first kiss the next night. we went to a game night in dc. while walking back to the metro, you spun me into you. i thought you were going to kiss me, but that wasn’t our first kiss. instead you hugged me. our first kiss was later that night. it was wonderful, even if i was a bit rusty.

you said you loved me for the first time a few weeks later. you sorta let it slip one night, while we were hanging out. somehow i made you laugh, and you started to say those words. a few days later, you owned it. i said it back maybe a week later.

i’m looking forward to the next couple of months of you being my “future” husband.

x leslie


dear future husband,

I think empathy is one of the most important human characteristics. It’s definitely the quality I respect most in people. To be truly empathetic is to share sorrows and joys and the assume the best of people. It’s a quality I am constantly working on. And I hope you are, too, because it’s something I want our children to bring to the world.

x leslie

the key to successful relationships

Imagemy sister sent me this article, because she knows how much i love all things marriage.

the article explains what is the key to successful and happy relationships. the answer? an environment of love and support, created by kindness and generosity.  this means being kind in hard times and generous in good times.

what to do:

– respond to what your partner shares with you. (“look, a bird!” “oh cool!”, etc)

– share your likes and interests with your partner

– express kindness and empathy during fights

– assume the best intentions

– when your partner shares good news, respond with positivity, focus on them, and ask follow up questions

but these tips don’t just apply to married couples. with every relationship in our life, we should use these pointers.  Not only will they strengthen our relationships, but it will also be excellent practice, so that when we do them with our partner, it will be second nature.