My Not So Secret Crush

I have a HUGE crush on Rainn Wilson! I adore him! Yes, as Dwight he is creepy and kinda annoying, but as Rainn…. he’s heaven itself! Think I’m crazy?

Here’s my evidence:

1. Just look at him! He looks like he should be an Indie album producer and should be living in Portland, drinking free trade, organic, herbal tea., while recycling. Also, I love the glasses. Basically, I’m diggin’ the whole Indie, “I am what I am” vibe. He’s totally confident and it shows!

Summary: I love his style and his aura.

2. He can play the guitar. I don’t know how good he is, but there he is, with a great looking guitar- a amazing, bright red guitar strap. I’m a sucker for anything red and musical. Also, he played a musician in The Rocker.

Summary: He appears to be musically talented.

Still not convinced?

3. Check this video out. His sense of humor puts me in stitches!

Still not convinced?

Check out these photos:

Only down side: he’s got a wife.


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