Goodnight, Travel Well

“One lives in hope of becoming a memory.” –Antonio Porchia

You’ll always have a wonderful memory with me, June Russell.

Happy Birthday Mother Earth!

For Earth Day I will show you the pictures of our indoor patio, which was newly landscaped. It’s beautiful. Tomorrow, our landscaper/gardener, Howard, will plant some summer plants and a vegetable and herb garden. How exciting!

I’ll upload pictures of the “updated” garden.

A Dangerous Past Time… I know

Alright, ever since my trip to Provo, I’ve been really interested in weddings… I know it sounds REALLY weird. Trust me, I don’t plan on getting married for five or so years- I’m not even that interested in dating. Now, for you to understand me, I’ll have to give some background information.

It all started long ago… like a year ago. I bought bridal magazines for when I flew to Greece last summer. This purchase was partly due to my girlish fantasies of planning the perfect wedding, but mostly due to my curiosity. I wanted to know if people would ask me about it. It was a social experiment. Humanity fails. NO ONE has EVER asked me about it. Lame. Anyways, that’s what got me hooked to bridal magazines.

Then, on my journey to Provo, I got so bored on my six hour lay-over in JFK, that I started to notate the magazines. I would comment on the dresses, or on the cakes, etc. By the time I got home, I was in wedding mode. I thought it would be a good idea to organize all of my ideas into a wedding book. I cut out the dress, cakes, flowers, reception ideas and even honeymoon locales that I liked, and I taped them into a notebook. My plan is that by the time I get married, five or so years, I will be already planned for my wedding, so it will go by relevantly stress-free.

So far, my favorite style of wedding dress, it this ridiculous art deco, 1920s style dress. I adore it. I plan on finding it, for a fraction of the cost of course, and wearing it. (It’s divine isn’t it?) I’ve already got a whole wedding planned around it. Think Great Gatsby meets Singing in the Rain.

All I need is the groom….

*DISCLAIMER: Just because I like planning my future wedding, doesn’t mean I am planning on getting married, yet.

Some New Shows

Alright, I’m addicted to TV offered online. Absolutely addicted. There are three shows that I love:

1: Better off Ted– Introduced to me by Laura and so worth it. It cracks me up! The dialog, the humor, those ads, everything. It’s hilarious! It’s like Arrested Development, but without the … disturbed family.

This is available on Wednesday nights on ABC.

2. Life on Mars (UK): So great. The plot’s a little difficult to explain, but the show is easy to follow. It’s a great comparison to policing of the 70s and the policing policies of today.

There are two series (seasons) offered through BBC1. Unfortunately it is over. Thought the episodes can be watched online, through and through various Asian youtube equivalents.

3. Ashes to Ashes (UK): This is the sequel to Life on Mars, but instead of Sam Tyler being the main character, the main character is Alex Drake (played by the beautiful Keeley Hawes). The plot is basically the same, but with a twist. It’s filled with feminism, discrimination of all kinds, and a really creepy clown. Not to mention some great sexual tension.

There is currently only one series of Ashes to Ashes, but the new one is supposed to air 20 April, and I seriously can’t wait.

Changin’ Time?

A year last year I decided to cut my hair real short. Boy hair length. Is it time for a change? Here are the styles that I’m thinking about, as well as pros and cons for each.

OPTION 1: 1920’s Style Bob
– I’m in a very 1920s mood: flapper dresses, long pearls, etc.
– It’s definitely a change.

– It’ll take awhile for it to grow out, no instant gratification.
– Is the flapper mood just a phase?

OPTION 2: Long front, short back (a.k.a reverse mullet)
– No wait, just a hair appointment.
– Would edge me up a bit. (Maybe I’d finally start looking like the music I listen to).
– Not much of a change.

– Not much of a change. (Yes, it’s in both. What if I don’t want to change?)
– This look is really popular right now. I don’t want to look like I surf the trendy wave.

OPTION 3: Dye, dye, dye
– Haven’t had my hair coloured for AGES!
– Cheap, easy change.

– I have never dyed my own hair before.
– I’m really paranoid about getting a horrible hair colour.
– I can no longer brag about being all natural.

There, I leave the problem in your hands. What should I do? (Option 3 can be done with any other option, too).