Changin’ Time?

A year last year I decided to cut my hair real short. Boy hair length. Is it time for a change? Here are the styles that I’m thinking about, as well as pros and cons for each.

OPTION 1: 1920’s Style Bob
– I’m in a very 1920s mood: flapper dresses, long pearls, etc.
– It’s definitely a change.

– It’ll take awhile for it to grow out, no instant gratification.
– Is the flapper mood just a phase?

OPTION 2: Long front, short back (a.k.a reverse mullet)
– No wait, just a hair appointment.
– Would edge me up a bit. (Maybe I’d finally start looking like the music I listen to).
– Not much of a change.

– Not much of a change. (Yes, it’s in both. What if I don’t want to change?)
– This look is really popular right now. I don’t want to look like I surf the trendy wave.

OPTION 3: Dye, dye, dye
– Haven’t had my hair coloured for AGES!
– Cheap, easy change.

– I have never dyed my own hair before.
– I’m really paranoid about getting a horrible hair colour.
– I can no longer brag about being all natural.

There, I leave the problem in your hands. What should I do? (Option 3 can be done with any other option, too).


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4 thoughts on “Changin’ Time?”

  1. “colour”? we’ve gone very brit haven’t we, dear? hee heethis is a tough one because i can see you looking fab in any of those options. i really liked that auburnish color you put in right after you got the pixie cut. but color is a pain, too, because it washes out so fast. you could do the reverse mullet and then grow it into the bob from there.

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