Just Listened to a New Song…

and I just melted. Listen to it. I would marry ANY man if he were to sing this for me. ANY MAN. And that is a HUGE statement for me.

PS: I DO like my men sweet and polite, emphasis on the polite.


Why Me?

Ugh, the shows that I like get horrible ratings and get cut. The worst part is that the scripts aren’t released to the public, so I have no clue what’s supposed to happen! Stupid capitalism. Profit, profit, profit. That’s all networks think about!



“Weather” ~1., originally uploaded by Madonovan.

I hate to sound like a debbie downer, but I’m having a hard time thinking of things that make me happy this week. It’d be easier to think of 10 things that make me sad. I’ll try, though, even if it’s only a few.

1. Warm, long baths.
2. Getting my hair played with.
3. Listening to Nick Drake.
4. Puppy kisses.
5. Wearing a cute outfit.
6. Friends who listen.

7. Sitting in the park, just talking with my amazing mother.

photo by Madonovan via {flickr}. Thanks, it’s a lovely photo!

Wastin’ Time?

Alright, lastfm has once again introduced me to a gem. Her name in Laura Marling. She’s indie, she’s folk, she’s talented, and she’s my age! Literally, we were born the same year. Got me thinking…. is all this university stuff just wastin’ my time? Maybe I should just give up and become a muscian….

Isn’t she just darling? So talented.

Just so everyone knows, I love school and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. It’s amazing all the things I’ve learned. Besides, I can’t sing or play the guitair, so I’d be a horrible muscian. Sounded like a good idea though, right?

{photo via All the Songs We Never Heard Before}

Oh So Happy

Things that make me happy:

1. A clean, organized room
2. Taking long walks in the park, and just smelling fresh air
3. Doing something right
4. Giving sage advice, yes, my advice is always sage.
5. Watching a good movie or TV show
6. Discovering a new blog
7. Getting things done
8. Laughing at a memory or an old joke
9. Smiling to myself on the Tube, and not caring if I look crazy
10. Puppy-dog kisses

Striped Pajamas

If you haven’t seen The Boy in the Striped Pajamas yet. Get out there and rent it. Also buy a few boxes of kleenex. This movie is incredibly well made and heart warming.

It’s set in WWII. The main character, an eight year old boy named Bruno, is the son of a Naxi Commandant. He notices from his window a “farm” where all the workers wear striped pajamas. The same pajamas. He meets a boy from the “farm” and they form a touching friendship. It gives the German people’s point of view. Some were in favor with the camps, others weren’t. It’s also a lovely story from a child’s perspective.

It is produced by the same producers of Life is Beautiful. It is just as beautiful, and just as sad.

Go see it. Now.


One of the UK’s best assets us this store called Lush. It is an amazing store that offers all natural soaps, lotions, bath products, shampoos, conditioners, shaving creme, perfume… basically it offers all natural hygiene products. Yum. They smell divine. They feel divine. And they’re not that expensive. (£2.99 for an all natural bubble bath.)

My lovely grandparents bought me £15 worth as a thank you. Yum, yum, yum. Best thank you present ever. This is what I got:One Vanilla Fountain
Two Dreamtime bath meltsOne French KissOne Aqua MirabilisOne AmandopondoA chunk of Milky Bar (for free! as a sample as well as a fantastic asparagus face mask!)

Yes, I got all of that for £15. Amazing, huh?