Chill Tuesday

From Ireland '09

Today I was really lucky with my lastfm radio, and I kept getting amazingly chill songs. It was amazing! It also made for excellent background music for my school work. I got a lot done.

I just wish I could find a tree like this and write my research paper in its shade, while listening to this music of course.

Here’s the playlist I came up with.

I also really liked these songs, but I couldn’t find them on on playlist:

The Pledge- Brendan Benson
Riverside- Ollabelle
Almost Persuaded- Etta James
Everybody’s Talking- Fred Neil
Sally- Johnny Flynn
Music to My Ears- Ron Sexsmith


The Emerald Isle

Just got back from the most beautiful country in the world: Ireland. Every inch of it was just beautiful! We got really lucky with the weather: sunny, warm. Only a few days were rainy or overcast. which is Ireland’s most common weather patterns.

I saw no leprechauns, or rainbows. Great trip anyway.

Here are some pictures. By some, I mean a lot. Sorry.

Ireland '09

Je suis contente parce que….

What makes me happy:
1. Peonies in my bathroom
2. Family trips to sunny places
3. Supportive friends
4. Crossing off things on my To-Do list.
5. Apple juice infused with Elderflower. Yum!
6. Going to a place of peace and comfort, the temple.
7. Cool, gentle breezes
8. Laughing for no apparent reason
9. Getting things in the post
10. Smiling at my reflection

photo from my personal collection

Spring Time Happiness

Balloons at the Fair, originally uploaded by ishrona.

This week got better. Thank goodness.

1. Sunshine, even for only a few days
2. Buying magazines for train rides
3. Having a living prophet/ having such amazing, inspired church leaders
4. Catching up with friends
5. Riding double-decker buses
6. Sitting by the Avon in Bath
7. My Mother
8. Eating peaches
9. Laughter
10. Getting compliments

{photo via flickr}