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Photo by Mukumbura via flickr.



So, here’s a story about a girl who made some muffins….

They’re banana chocolate chip, NOT chocolate muffins.

Moral of the story. Muffins get cooked for 15 minutes, NOT 35.

Oops. At least they still tasted fine.

Best Movie

Alright, I’ve decided. Audrey Hepburn’s best movie is Charade, where she stars face to face with Cary Grant. Classy. Intense. Witty. Fun. Lovely.

Runners Up:
Roman Holiday with Greggory Peck
How to Steal a Million with Peter O’Toole
and of course, Breakfast at Tiffany’s with George Peppard

I want autumn.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t like the extreme seasons: summer and winter. They’re fun for a few weeks, but honestly, I can’t stand months of them. Now that August is nearly upon us, I can’t wait for autumn.

Here are some autumnal links that really make it hard to wait:
Nick Drake’s Music
This mood board originally from Snippet & Ink
This photo
This bike ride

This recipe
These accessories
These bags

Oh yeah, my birthday is in October, and I go to live in Paris in September, so why wouldn’t I be excited?