Meet Hélène.

Age: 84

Hélène is a true Parisian. She lived in Paris for her whole life. Her parents lived in Paris for all of their lives. Her father fought for the French Resistance. Sadly, he was killed by the Gestapo, along with her older brother. Her mother secretly took up where he left off. Hélène was one of those girls who ran out to greet the victorious American soldiers with kisses and hugs. Her sister married a GI and moved to Michigan. Hélène was married a few year later to an army doctor, Jean-Luc. They lived happily together for 40 years. They had three lovely children together. Those children grew up, got married, and had their own children. Hélène and Jean-Luc had a very happy life, but last fall Jean-Luc died of a heart attack. Now, Hélène lives with her daughter and their family.

*author’s note: this is one installment of many. no, it’s probably not true. but i like making stories up about people. enjoy.


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