Two Things

1. i saw the best play today. it’s called “an inspector calls.” you know ms. marple? she was in it. that’s right the adorable woman. seriously though, this play was spectacular! it really emphasized the hypocrisy of 19th Cent., Victorian Britian, but it could easily be applied to today’s society. the play was so well done. i just want to talk about it, but i don’t want to give anything away, so i won’t, but go out and find it and read it. trust me. it’s amazing!

2. by my 21 birthday, i’ll already be an old maid, just like ophelia.* yes, i’ve taken up knitting. i feel like an old lady. i started working on this gorgeous scarf, but i had to give it up, because it was too hard, but i’ve found a much easier pattern and am now doing that. i’m only on the 9th row, so i’m not going to post any pictures, ’cause there isn’t much to see, but don’t you worry, i will add them as soon as i am further along.

* a special bonus for anyone who can name from what that comes. no cheating. (some one please applaud my grammar!)


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