say what? i said bibliochic.  do you like books?  do you like old books?  do you like recycling?  do you like gorgeous handmade items? then, you need to check out this bibliochic etsy store.  you know my sister katherine?  well, she and her really good friend/ nearly sister started this etsy store and they have some beautiful things! check these items out:

and so much more- they even does custom work- like if you want a certain book, ect.   oh, did i mention that it’s all HANDMADE.  pretty cool.  make sure you check it out and tell your friends.  they also have a blog for the store.  check it out here.


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3 thoughts on “bibliochic”

  1. ok, so have a snippet of interesting information for you Leslie. You'll be at BYU in fall right? There's a bookbinding class that I want to take, you should do it too! How cool would that be? We would learn how to make beautiful books and journals. Dream come true? Just saying…

  2. I've been wanting to take it for years, and since this is my senior year it's now or never. I hear that the material costs come to quite a bit, but I'm definitely going to sign up!

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