what i watched this past weekend…

i would like to start off by explaining that i am home alone, my family is in spain,  all of my friends over here are either ill or have gone home to visit their families… so, i’ve been watching plenty of stuff…

(click on the title to learn more)
someone like you: **** (it’s good to be reminded that not all men are cows)
the wedding date: ** (did you realize that he only fell for her AFTER they slept together?)
the invention of lying: *** (since when was honesty and turrets synonymous)
fantastic mr. fox: ***** (i love literally EVERYTHING in this film.  if i could have a film describe my life, i would want it to be this one)
general conference: **************************(amazing.  these men and women are truly inspired)


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2 thoughts on “what i watched this past weekend…”

  1. holy crap, young hugh jackman and young greg kinnear in one movie? how have i not seen someone like you.also. fantastic mr. fox is soooo you.

  2. i haven't seen fantastic mr. fox yet, but i will now that you have recommended it i will. i saw the brothers bloom because you posted about it and it was the best movie i have seen in a while. do i smell a movie critic in the making???? just a suggestion….xoxohttp://bibliochicshop.blogspot.com/

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