i’ve been listening to a lot of australian singer/song writer lisa mitchell.  she is just so darling and fun.  i want to be her friend. 

this video of her doing a cover of the killer’s “romeo and juliet”  is so lovely.  plus, i love the room she’s in.  i, too, want my house filled with portraits in oil.

watch it.  also, you can watch her other music videos that are fun and quirky with a little bit of whimsy:
neopolitan dreams, coin laundry, clean white love, and incomplete lullaby.

thank you sarah for introducing her to me..


the cosmos

the other day, i was leafing through my friend’s book on the cosmos.  it was incredible.  i really like stars, and planets and out of world objects.  just look at that image.  isn’t it amazing!  to think that we are literally specks in vasts of other specks and darkness.  it really makes me feel humble and little.  but in a beautiful sort of way.