my summer style

basically my summer style will consist of skirts and t-shirts. stripes, cuffed jeans and men’s dress shirts.  dang, i am excited.  also, i plan on not wearing makeup and possibly not doing my hair.


camping, manti style

so, this weekend a group from my ward went down to manti for the annual manti pageant.  it was a good experience despite anti-mormon protesters and creepy narrator voices. a small group from our ward had decided that we would go camping after the pageant, so as soon as it ended we went about that…. sort of.  the pageant ended pretty close to midnight.  but we didn’t immediately go to find a campsite; first we went to mcdonalds.  and, then we went to find a camp location.  by this time it was past one in the morning.  we were all a little sleepy.  so, we decided to pitch our tent in the manti city park, along with the dozens of others.  after some debate we found a spot that was good enough, and we decided that we would sleep out under the stars.  it was lovely.

the next day, we drove into fairview and went on a very short nature walk.  then, we went to a pool (that cost 4 bucks!) and returned to provo just in time to see america get eliminated from the world cup.  but despite it’s hiccups, it was a great weekend.


i love my father.  he is everything i want in my future husband: funny, intelligent, hard worker, spiritual, respect towards women (oh yeah), amazing dance skills… basically, he’s the coolest guy ever. here are some pics of my father… yes, that is me as a baby.