i should be doing this:

but instead, i’m stressing over my physical science homework and my final research paper.  can’t summer term just be over already?

check out the sidebar for a link to my current playlist…. or part.  it’s kinda a work in progress.

sm is mysterious

one day, sarah told me that she was going to cook a can of soup by holding it over an oven burner.  (the moral of the story is even though it works in “the goofy movie” doesn’t mean it will work in real life.)

and then, yesterday, she cooked some amazing greek food.  i thought i knew her, but i guess sm is just mysterious.

here we all are cooking. (sorry for the bad pic of me; it was the only one i had)

a retraction

i feel slightly guilty for saying how much i crave autumn.  summer is great, too.  (even if my shirt instantly sticks to my back as i walk to class, or if it’s so hot in my room that i’ve considered sleeping in a freezer.)  but i need to be better at enjoy each moment i’m in.  i need to be better at embracing the now.

so, here it goes.  i’m going to enjoy summer.

image from here.