the little black dress award

i just made up an award, because i can.  it’s called “the little black dress award”.

let me explain.  this award goes out to blogger who i find timeless, seasonless, classic.  she is someone who is always a good friend, is alway fun to be with, and can always be counted on.  she is an amazing person who is an asset to any girl’s closet.

this award goes out to my lovely friend, sera! i’ve only known this girl for a few months, but i can tell we were buds in another life.

congrats sarah, you are a little black dress.


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lover of art, travel, fashion, love, music, books, design

5 thoughts on “the little black dress award”

  1. In our house you get Audrey points for being Timeless, classy, and skinny. Whenever you wear something that embodies one or all of these qualities we say, my but you're looking timeless, classy, and skinny. So Audrey. 🙂

  2. i think we should start saying lana.aleyse's audrey quote to each other!thanks lolo! i am honored. and may i add that you are the little black dress in my closet. 🙂

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