last sunday, i had the opportunity to listen to a very inspired man (elder richard g. scott) give advice on dating and marriage for both those who are married and those who are single.   please listen to it here.  he gave such great advice for husbands.

here’s just a few thoughts he left me with:
. to love another righteously is to protect and keep pure… to sacrifice oneself for the happiness of the other.
. be willing to give, share and be selfless.
. find joy in life.
. “Marriage is so wonderful.”
. don’t do movie date.  they’re “stupid.”
. don’t demean your spouse in private or in public.
. tell your spouse what they need to know.
. express gratitude for your spouse.

but most of all, i was really amazed at how much elder scott loves his wife.  i want to be loved like that.


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