guest blogger: k & l

my friend L got married a few weeks ago.  here’s her story.  maybe this will inspire us.  she definitely taught me a little something about patience and faith.  wow. thanks L for sharing this.

I loved K. long before I would admit it. To my roommates, to my mom, and especially to myself.

never, ever would I have dreamed I would fall in love with my best friend. my little bboy. my breakdancer. my boy.

when we met, we were lightyears apart. he was a junior, I was a freshman. he partied, I studied. he had dozens of friends, I had three roommates.

besides, I told myself, he’s practically the same height as me. totally not my type.

but what no one tells you about the whole “falling-in-love-with-your-best-friend” thing is that it just sorta happens. one day, you’re giving relationship advice, and the next you’re wondering if you look cute enough for  your weekly lunch date.

I could describe our relationship as taking a lot of patience. an incredible amount of patience before we dated (try a year!) and 7 long months of long distance dating (patient, patient, patient leah) 
during my period of patience, I watched K. date, hang out, flirt and hook up with what felt like every other woman on the planet. I watched him fall in love, and get his heart broken. I watched him get engaged.
but dangit, I loved that kid so much, I knew I had to be there for him. I wouldn’t stop loving him, in my own, secret, absurd way, until I had to.
all I could do was wait, and  be a best friend.
we fell in love for so many reasons, like how he could tell me to stop stressing out and how I could read him like a book.
but really, we fell in love because the day came when we had to choose between a life together, as best friends, and a life as people who used to be best friends, but then moved away and married other people.
I couldn’t say goodbye to him, and let someone else become my “best friend.
and turns out, I never had to.”

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3 thoughts on “guest blogger: k & l”

  1. hahaha. I still remember coming into your room, telling you I needed some variety in my other-wise bland outfit. it was a very important day 🙂 xoxo. ps. lunch? clothes swap? yes?

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