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dear future husband:

i literally can’t wait until i can have this experience.  one day, when we are together, every interaction with any other guy will remind me that you are the right one for me.  won’t that be exciting?

x leslie


dc: day 4

final day:
– 6. something run (i misjudged the distance, and ended up running a little more than a mile over what i was supposed to)
– 4-D ultra sound with laura and peter (i love babies!)
– grocery shopping at trader joes and whole foods (aka stocking up on joe-joes)
– making marshmellows and hot chocolate on sticks
– watching millionaire matchmaker (yes!)
– dinner at open kitchen (yummy lamb burger!)
– monopoly (again, i might’ve become addicted)
– drinking our hot chocolate with marshmellows while watching “locked up” (some prison reality show)
– packing
– looking at baby clothes (zara has some adorable baby stuff.  i want to start stocking up)

dc: day 3

– peter’s “best oatmeal”
– National Museum of Women in the Arts (i’m applying for an internship there this summer)
– lunch at a fabulous italian place in george town
– harry potter (i liked it visually, but i thought it was a little too dark)
– catching up on my blogs
– catching up on tv shows
– playing games: hearts and monopoly, again
– early bedtime to prep for my 5 miler tomorrow

dc: day 2

– 3 mile run along a gorgeous old railroad track that has been converted to a running trail
– thanksgiving feast prep
– thanksgiving with some of laura and peter’s friends
– a trip to arlington cemetery
– monopoly (card game version)
– pie contest (which i did not attend, cause i don’t like pie)
– more monopoly
– eating frozen pizza
– eating a billion pepermint joe-joes because they are delicious!
– watching a league of extraordinary gentlemen

ps: i am thankful for family, friends, food, art, the gospel, music, and pepermint joe-joes.