dc: day 1

day 1:
– jet lag = sleeping in instead of running 5 miles
– manis and pedis with the sister (pregnant people are fun)
– lebanesse for lunch
– a quick stop at the craft store for quilting supplies
– organizing and cleaning the kitchen
– falling in love with little details of laura and peter’s house (like their travels map)
– dinner at a fantastic italian place (the owner would come out and sing opera.  i didn’t know if i was supposed to laugh or look somber)
– watch st. ralph a pretty funny/ sweet movie
– bed time for bonzo


love song

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“i hate seagulls” -kate nash

like sleepin in your bed 
I like knowin what is goin on inside your head 
I like takin time and I like your mind and I like when your hand is in mine 
I like getting drunk on the dunes by the beach 
I like pickin strawberries 
I like cream teas and I like reading ghost…stories 
My…heart skips a beat every time that we meet 
It’s been a while and now your smile is almost like a memory 
But then you’re back and I am fine cos you’re with me 
And I’m in love…with you 
And I…can’t find the words to make it sound unique…but… 
Honestly…you make me strong! I can’t believe I’ve found someone this kind 
I hope we carry on 
Cos you’re so nice and I’m in love…with you…

missed me?

don’t worry guys.  i’ll be back to the blogging world, soon.  One more class, then, thanksgiving, which means, i go to dc, to spend time with my lovely sister and her husband.  it’s going to be a blast.

and then, i’ll return to the blogging world, and won’t that be a blast?


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dear future husband:

one day we will go to the temple to be married and sealed together.  i will have you forever and ever and ever.  isn’t that a lovely thought?  to quote one of my favorite movies: eternity is such a beautiful word.

x leslie

i’m a wimp.

today, in the library, i kept making eye contact with the very attractive young man sitting across from me.  he looked like exactly how i want my future husband to look.  i should’ve dropped my number or something when i walked passed him to leave the library.  but i didn’t.  instead i just smiled at him.  (yeah, he watched me walk pass)

now, i plan on going to the library everyday at the same time, and sitting in the same spot so we will see each other again.  and this time, he will stand up, walk over to me and say, “you’re pretty.  let’s date.”  then, i will say yes.  then we’ll get married and have babies.

the end.