last week/weekend

last week was a struggle.  i had a billion things coming up: three midterms, a few papers, and a project that i haven’t started working on…. needless to say, i was stressed.  i was up late every night, studying like a madman, which isn’t good cause i’m getting sick.  but i had a few distractions this week that kept me sane.

wednesday, my old friend darrik and i went to a benefit concert for his friend and band-mate dane.  it was an interesting collection of artists to showcase, but it was fun.  then, we came back to my apartment to watch a 30 Rock episode whole, while drinking tea.

thursday, adam was in town, so some of the gang headed out to gold spoon and ate yummy, yummy ice cream.

friday was my sick day.  i went to bed at 10, with the help of nyquil.

saturday was my birthday! yay!  to celebrate, jen and i ran a 5k accompanied by our good friends ahlin and arielle. we did pretty well for a sick person, and for someone who didn’t get home until 1:30 the night before.  our time was 32.08.  so not bad. it was a halloween run, so they were dressed up.  jen and i weren’t.  oh well. katherine came down from salt lake and took me to sammy’s, a delicious burger place with the best sweet potato fries i’ve ever had!  i received shopping money from the parents, so katherine, me and the roomies went shopping.  i got the best thanksgiving outfit, ever.  so, don’t worry, pictures of it will follow. i also got two extra cardigans, an extra shirt, more of my perfume and some all-natural deodorant. after our shopping extravaganza, we were exhausted, so jen and i watched some hulu together, until we went to seem darrik’s other-band [that also includes my katie’s brother].  the concert took forever to start, but once it did, it was good.  then, katie and her bf went to dinner while jen and i went halloween party hopping.

yes, i stole this photo from ahlin’s blog.  thanks, love.

sunday was busy but great.  our friend is going on a 18 month mission for our church, so she’ll be missing thanksgiving and christmas, so her parents threw an early “thanksgiving/ christmas” dinner, on halloween.  the food was great, and so was the company.

sadly though, i still have my three midterms, papers and project coming up.  today i get one midterm out of the way, but i’m still kinda stressed.