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Dear Husband,

When I first met you, I did not know that you were the one. I didn’t know until after I spent three months telling you I didn’t like you “like that”. When you told me that I was your best friend I realized that I already loved you. I was about to lose you when you told me that you couldn’t be “just my friend” anymore. But when we kissed in the parking lot behind that little bakery, my heart skipped a beat and I knew that I wouldn’t let you go.

A little over a year later, over the altar I promised to love you forever. Three weeks later we live in a cute and chilly green house and I am writing you this letter to tell you that I love you. Each time you roll over at night to sleep closer to me and kiss the back of my neck I know even stronger that I will never let you go. 
Our time was right, and I will always be sorry that I didn’t catch on as quickly as you did.

Love Forever (and then again Forever times Forever),
Your Wife: Lana Aleyse


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