love song

image from weheartit

“the pledge” -brendan benson

Well, I’ll be loyal to you in every way 
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do or I wouldn’t say 
I hate to think where I’d be without you 
Do you know how I feel about you? 
Do you? 
I didn’t sign up for anything like this 
I always wind up screwed without a kiss 
And every single minute that goes by 
I’m getting deeper in it all the time 
Oh nay, hey 
Okay, hey 
I wouldn’t have it any other way 

And I promise to always love you 
And never put anybody else above you 
Well I’m hopelessly dedicated 
And somehow it’s still understated 
I’m sure I was born to love you 
I’m so lucky, I really don’t deserve you 
It was my one and only ambition 
I made it my life long mission 
I never thought it could be as good as this 


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