dear future husband:

those are my baby pictures.  yes, my genetics are awesome, and our kids are going to be adorable.  just sayin’.

x leslie


dear future husband [and blog readers]:

i added a new page to the blog.  it’s called “date ideas”.  check it out by clicking the link on the side panel. i am not very good with coming up with these ideas.  this happened to me this week when a guy asked me on a first date to a movie.  when i told him i don’t like movie dates, he asked me what i’d rather do.  i got stuck.  so, check out that list if you ever want to know what sort of things i think would be fun on a date.

x leslie

dear future husband:

remember how i told you to be inspired by the time of man elder scott is? well, i re-watched his talk, and i came to the conclusion that i need to be more like his wife.  she was an amazing, self less woman, who truly exemplified Christ in her life.

a few days ago, i was talking with my bishop.  naturally, we had a discussion about dating.  he gave me such wise advice that i want to implement in my next relationship.  he told me something great:

-listening to the promptings of the spirit is really the only way to date.  we know nothing compared to our Father.  He will let us know what to do and how to act if we ask Him.  He loves us and wants us to find happiness and success in dating and marriage.

well, here’s to me bettering myself so i can be the best wife and mother i can be.

x leslie

love song

“you’re the reason i come home” – ron pope

Watching you watching me,
A fine way to fall asleep.
The neighbors fight,
As we both rest our eyes.

Hands in the fallen snow;
Numb to the winter cold,
But we don’t mind,
‘Cause we’ll get warm inside.

Paper doll silhouettes,
Fingertips on window glass;
The street’s asleep,
So I breathe you in deep.

The tragedies of chemistry,
People dream of what you and me
Have found…

And for a long time, I remember,
Saying prayers for something perfect,
Saying prayers for someone kind.
It’s in my head,
We’re spinning circles down the avenues instead.

You’re the reason I come home.
You’re the reason I come home, my love.
You’re the reason that when everything I know falls apart…
Well, you’re the reason I come home.