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Leslie asked me to share my vast relationship knowledge with the blogging world.  I am engaged and going to be married in November, so clearly I am an expert.  No one really cares how T and I met so here’s the Reader’s Digest version:  girl’s family moves to London and she joins.  Girl meets boy in church.  Boy thinks girl is hot and asks her out.  Girl thinks boy is also hot and says yes.  Lots of awesome dates.  Time for girl to go home.  Many months of skype follow with a few visits.  Girl comes back for Thanksgiving.  Boy gives girl ring.  Boy and girl start visa process.  Many more months of skype.  Visa approved.  Boy to join girl in America soon.  Now you’re caught up.  

I think my number one piece of advice on relationships is this: sometimes relationships suck.  Whenever another person is involved and you can’t be completely selfish there are going to be issues and disagreements.  Who cares.  You learn from them and move on.  The whole idea of relationships used to freak me out and I thought I would much rather be on my own.  I was an idiot.  An awesome relationships is so worth sticking out the bad stuff.  
You know how you are supposed to learn from other people’s mistakes?  Well, learn from mine.  Get yourself ready now now for a relationship so when it comes along you are prepared and don’t waste time growing up and panicking that you’ve “lost your independence” and all that other nonsense.  A good, healthy relationship rocks!  
My last piece of advice is this: no long engagement.  Spend a while getting to know each other, but once you have decided you want to get married, why wait?  Trust me on this.  But make sure they are the right one.  Don’t be concerned about social pressure and timelines and expectation and don’t push something great away cause it wasn’t when you planned it.  Do what is right for you, in it’s right time.  Now, go out there and find yourself someone  who makes you laugh and change for the better.  If you have already found this someone give ‘em a big ol’ kiss and let them know you wouldn’t trade them for the world. 

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