dear future husband:

i am no stranger to heartache.  i’ve been dumped [multiple times], and i’ve had to be the one who ends things. some times it really sucks. sometimes it’s better.

in all my failed relationships, i have learned a lot.

– if you care enough about a person, you will make it work. no matter what.  this means that when things get scary or get tough, you stick it out.  you iron out the creases.

– don’t let the little things add up to big deals.  yes, i would prefer it if you did everything i wanted you to, whenever i wanted it, but that’s unrealistic.  so i’ll forgive you for those small things if you agree to forgive me.

– relationships are unique.  don’t compare the one you’re currently in to any other relationship [you’re past ones, your friends’ or your parents’].  relationships move at different paces and are expressed in different ways.

– when they end, they end.  sometimes the end makes you feel like you are going to throw up and never breathe normally again.  sometimes, you’re at peace with it.  whatever the ending, things move on.  you heal.  don’t let the possibility of heartbreak destroy your hope in dating.

– in general, don’t let your fears of anything get in the way.  fear is the opposite of faith.  you should go into all your relationships with faith.

– remember that you are worth it. you are a great, amazing person.  self-respect is key to a healthy relationship.

x leslie


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  1. i really like this! especially the point about relationships being unique. i always compare relationships and i think it is holding me back! your blog is awesome

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