dear future husband:

Epiphanies are amazing. Today I realized I have no clue what I want. If you asked me where I saw myself in five years, I wouldn’t have a solid answer. You’re in my plans for sure, but I don’t quite know how. I don’t know where I’d want to live, or how close we’d live to your parents. I don’t know if I’ll want to keep working or be going back to school. I am undecided about which video games our sons will play and how early our daughters can start wearing make up.

I know we don’t need to have it all figured out now, but once I get the basics sorted, it’ll be easier to find you. I know in past relationships I’ve felt comfortable rolling over and accepting whatever my man wanted. Yeah, that’s pathetic, and in the end, compromising like that wouldn’t make me happy. So, I’m going to spend the next little while really figuring out exactly what I want.

x leslie


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