dear future husband:

I recently watched the pilot for The Mindy Project and I loved it. But that’s besides the point. The point is there’s a part when a character [danny] asks mindy about her date. He asks if her date was a man, meaning is he the type of guy who would walk around the house naked, in the middle of the night, carrying a baseball bat because he heard a noise. I hope you are that type of guy.

x leslie

ps you can also be like Adam Scott pictured above.

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the end of insomnia? yes, please.

sometimes i have problems sleeping. in the past week, i haven’t slept for three of those nights. so, yeah. i have a problem.

i talked to a friend who had the same problem once upon a time. she shared her tricks with me.

if you have problems sleeping, i suggest you go to this website. it’ll calm you down in no time. last night, i fell asleep to autogenics.

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so called failure


i just got back from my ward’s campout.  as a group of singles, it’s not shocking that dating and relationships were on all of our minds. what did shock me though is what we were saying about dating and relationships.  i’ve said all these things, too.  but when i sat down and actually listened to what we were saying i felt icky.

girl a: they asked me to be a counselor for girl’s camp, but i’m just a single girl.  i’m not married.  what was i supposed to do? say, ‘well, it hasn’t worked out for me. but there’s still hope for you’?

girl b: well, we all fail at something, or we wouldn’t be in a single’s ward.

icky, right?

i refuse to feel like a failure because i’m single. in fact, i refuse to feel like a failure for anything. and you shouldn’t either.

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