so called failure


i just got back from my ward’s campout.  as a group of singles, it’s not shocking that dating and relationships were on all of our minds. what did shock me though is what we were saying about dating and relationships.  i’ve said all these things, too.  but when i sat down and actually listened to what we were saying i felt icky.

girl a: they asked me to be a counselor for girl’s camp, but i’m just a single girl.  i’m not married.  what was i supposed to do? say, ‘well, it hasn’t worked out for me. but there’s still hope for you’?

girl b: well, we all fail at something, or we wouldn’t be in a single’s ward.

icky, right?

i refuse to feel like a failure because i’m single. in fact, i refuse to feel like a failure for anything. and you shouldn’t either.

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2 thoughts on “so called failure”

  1. Hey.
    New blog, cool cool. Will you still write letters to your future husband now and again?
    The attitude those women have doesn’t seem to convince me that i should want to marry them.
    They may be wonderful women, but i have to wonder what’s going on behind their eyes, thinking that not getting married yet equates to bring a failure in some way

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