lessons to learn in your early twenties

today my boss took me out to a delicious lunch to celebrate my birthday (which i celebrated in the aftermath of hurricane sandy).  while feasting on burgers with blue cheese [yum], she gave me the advice she wished she had known when she was my age.

1. work on making lasting friendships

since facebook was invented, my motivation to work on friendships has plummeted 200%. it’s so easy to have a virtual friendship. i stalk my friends, frenemies and outright enemies. instead of calling up a friend to get an update on her life, i stalk her for an hour, finding out very little, except that i’m jealous of her clothes.  i need to work on calling, writing and really communicating with friends.  yay for lasting friendships!

2. be open to dating/romantic possibilities

i wouldn’t describe myself as a romantically closed person. i love love. i love being in relationships. i don’t normally shy away from dating experiences. i used to have a rule to never say no to a first date. this past weekend though, a guy asked for my number. i got a weird vibe from him, and so i gave him a fake number.  this was not my most shinning moment.  

this summer i got so comfortable with being single that perhaps i embraced singleness too much.  i think it is important to be happy in whatever relationship status you’re in, but to also be open and willing to seek love.

3. try new things

explore, expand and experiment.  this is a time in our lives when we get to figure out who we are.  this requires exploration of ourselves, expansion of our comfort zone and experimenting with our current hobbies.  so, this year i want to travel, learn new things, and expand myself.


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