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apparently this girl had a dream she was my co-pilot in an awesome van. she also posted this video:

oh great. now i seriously want to jump in a ’60s van, blast the tunes and get outta town. [don’t worry camille, you can come, too.]

dear future husband,

please teach our sons the art of romance. teach them to court and charm.  teach them to call when they say they will.  teach them respect for themselves and for their dates.  teach them that how they dress reflects how they respect themselves and others. teach them to win and lose with dignity (no usain bolt level of ego).  teach them to have direction, ambition and a work ethic.  teach them to pray and hope. teach them sympathy and how to serve.

i am so tired of guys not hitting this standard. we women have cried, pulled our hair and wasted so much time on boys who couldn’t be men.

teach our sons to be men. in essence, teach them to be you.

x leslie