the key to successful relationships

Imagemy sister sent me this article, because she knows how much i love all things marriage.

the article explains what is the key to successful and happy relationships. the answer? an environment of love and support, created by kindness and generosity.  this means being kind in hard times and generous in good times.

what to do:

– respond to what your partner shares with you. (“look, a bird!” “oh cool!”, etc)

– share your likes and interests with your partner

– express kindness and empathy during fights

– assume the best intentions

– when your partner shares good news, respond with positivity, focus on them, and ask follow up questions

but these tips don’t just apply to married couples. with every relationship in our life, we should use these pointers.  Not only will they strengthen our relationships, but it will also be excellent practice, so that when we do them with our partner, it will be second nature.