little gems from professor swensen

while studying for my modern art final, i keep coming across the funniest little quotes from my professor.  here are a few of my favorite:

[while discussing duchamp’s fountain] “why do we always come back to this… plumbing!?”

“who wants to listen to marie osmond perform this?”

“if [an art work] creates a big stink, buy it, folks.”

“just talking about pavlov [as in pavlov’s dog], how many of you are getting a good build up of saliva? i am, and i wonder what that says about my psychology.”

[after saying he’s not going to let us out early] “i can see you’re all pained, and that’s the perfect time to turn the knife.”

while discussing nazi art, he called me liesel.

“there’s no sexier way to start off class than to talk about fascism.”

“there’s nothing more mexican than [a really long name.]”

“not a bad day dumpster diving.”

“but cows don’t have rows of teets, megan.”

“he didn’t die of a tragic, sad way.  he died of cancer… wait…”

yeah, that’s good ol’ art history for ya.


general conference weekend

so, it’s general conference time, again.  i love it.  this general conference was really good.  a lot about family, marriage, and serving.  it was the church welfare’s 75th anniversary, and it was neat to hear so many people address what the church does for the world.  my boy had tickets for the conference center for saturday afternoon and sunday morning sessions.  so, we went to those.  then, he dropped me off at katherine and joe’s to watch sunday evening.  katherine made some delicious corn and leek filled peppers, with couscous and homemade cornbread [she’s such a chef.]

you can read the entire conference here, and these are some of my personal favorites: elder cook, president eyring, president monson [saturday afternoon especially], elder scott [always], elder holland [always- and especially if you are a non-member trying to understand what general conference is exactly]

sunday evening we went to my grandparents house for a little family home evening [boy drove up to meet us for that.]  it was great talking about the importance of family while being surrounded by family.

this week’s recap:
– i found what my internship is exactly.  i am a co-curator of a warhol and murakami exhibit coming out sometime in august.  i helped choose the pieces for that on friday. [so cool!]
– weather was awesome all week, until sunday [when it snowed]
– i am awesome at “just dance” [the wii dancing game]; i am only so-so at the kinnekt dancing game
– i made a quiche [so good] and chocolate and m&m cookies  [see pictures below]
– three more weeks of school [but only two more weeks of classes]

best weekend ever!

i ran my half-marathon [13.1 miles!] it only took my 02:13:48.  if i didn’t have to go to the bathroom, then it would’ve only taken 02:10:48.  stupid bladder.  but i felt so good! [today, not so much]

here’s jen and i at the finish line.. an hour after our finish.

also, i heard back from my internship!  i got it! you are reading the words of BYU MOA’s new contemporary curator’s intern.  that’s right.

goals accomplished.

new york day 1

– red eye flight [aka no sleep]
– arrive in new york at 6 am [aka exhausted]
– cloisters to see the merod altar piece and the unicorn tapestries
– lunch at rockefeller center
– nap [for nearly two hours]
– guggenhiem
– walking all around madison avenue and fifth [aka lusting]
– starkbucks for internet
– talking to boy
– bed by 10

all in all.  good day.