dear santa:

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this song will make you cry. If it doesn’t, you have no heart. i cry whenever i listen to it. no joke, i was on the tube, listening to it, and i had to wipe a tear away. some guy looked at me like i was crazy. it was great.

A Christmas Thought


Last night was my church’s Christmas Broadcast where the leaders and prophets gave little spiritual thoughts, thoughts to bring us closer to Christ this season. I had some great thoughts after these great messages. You can listen or view the broadcast, which I really recommend if you haven’t already.

The central theme of the program was “Spread the Love.” During this Christmas Season, we should be centered on spreading love, and trying to find Christ in our lives.

It can be so easy to be stressed or distracted by the commercial side of Christmas, or to be frustrated that others distress the meaning of Christmas with whatever. If you feel like this, President Monson’s message will be the one for you.

He shared a beautiful story, that I call “The Story of Gate 67.” It is such a sweet, touching story. I felt my entire body got chills, and I teared up- so much so that they spilled out. I won’t re-tell it, because I wouldn’t do it justice, just listen to President Monson’s message.

I will paraphrase the strong message from the story. I hope it helps us all feel the Christmas Spirit this week: “Hostility and frustration can all disolve into a glow when there is an act of love among strangers.”

Remember that, and spread the love.

ps: i know that a few days back, the link for the Crosby/Bowie song was messed up. it’s all fixed now, so you can go back and listen to it. it is one of my favorite christmas songs, and bing is just so adorable!