dreaming of summer

in this dream, i’m wearing these:

images from jcrew, french connection and zara (respectively)

and i’m here:

queenstown, new zealand


blogging from 10,000 ft

here i am, flying over the US, blogging, looking at Zara’s online collection, and trying to watch millionaire matchmaker- all thanks to google’s internet partnership with delta.

here a a few pieces from zara’s that i love, but don’t think i can pull off:

here are a few item that i am loving from their kid’s collection:

image from here

dear future husband:

kate spade once said, “each year for chirstmas, i get andy [her husband] cashmere socks… which i often end up wearing.”

i like wearing men’s clothing: t shirts, button up shirts, sweaters, basketball shorts, socks…  you might never see your own clothes.

x leslie

just some lovely links

finals are over, giving me a few days of calm before classes restart on monday.  this new semester means a few things:  our boys at apt. 203 leave for the summer (sad), katie leaves for africa (sad) BUT jen comes back from spain (yay) and i take up tennis (yay).  i thought i’d just share a few links with you guys.  enjoy:
this shop
these illustrations; these illustrations
these photos; these photos; this photo; these photos; these photos; these photos; these photos;
this editorial
these love letters; these love letters
this quote; this quote; this quote
this documentary on mural painting
this engagement shoot; this wedding; this engagement shoot; this bridal shot
this girl’s style
this car
this swing
these glasses
this website
this outfit
these bags- any of them.  in fact this whole store
this music video; this music video; this music video (but mostly the song)

have a lovely weekend.

One Month…

Alright, I leave for Paris in less than a month! AHH! So excited!

I’ve done a lot of clothes shopping for the trip, but I still need some things.

What I’ve Got:
– Navy Trench Coat (Zara £40, SALE)
– Black Straight Leg Jeans (Boden £49, expensive, but they fit GREAT!)
– Dark Wash “Uptown” Jeans (Boden £59, expensive, fit GREAT, need to be hemmed.)
– Stripped Green Jumper (Zara $19, SALE)
– Black Velvet Pencil Skirt (Boden £49, yum! Will be great for nights out!)
– “I Am NOT a Plastic Bag” Bag (Portebello Road £5, perfect size for my new camera!)

What I’m waiting for:
– Canon XOS Rebel (Canon, Price ND, I’m excited to practice with this baby!)
– New Makeup (Covergirl, $20 all together)
– French Scriptures (LDS Distribution Center, forgot price)
– MACBook (Apple, Pride ND, YAY!)
– iTouch (Free with MACBook)

What I still need (but mostly just want):
– Messenger Bag (I’ve got my eye on this one)
– Sparkly Headbands (like this one, and this one)
– Wool Knee High Socks to layer with boots(like these)
– Hem my green dress
– Small pouch wallet
– More cute jewelry

I’m going to be broke BEFORE I get to Paris. Oh dear.