i love my roommate [sarah]

today, while organizing/ cleaning, sarah and i had the following conversation[s]:

me: there’s a myth that this is the field that Van Gogh shot himself in.  historically, it’s been proven inaccurate, but I like to stick to the myth. it’s better
sm: I like the idea of getting flowers from a guy. i’ve never gotten them before.
me: really? yeah, i guess i’ve only gotten them from my dad…
sm: i think guys think it’s old fashioned, dying out and cliché.  
me: yeah, but girl’s like cliché.
sm: so true.
me: if you think about it, giving flowers is so ephemeral.  like, “here, have something beautiful that’s going to die.
sm: but if you think about it, it’s more like carpe diem, like a reminder to make life the most of it.
sm: sometimes, i wish we could record our conversations.