dear future husband:

i get that my amazing fashion sense will probably go over your head. so, i don’t expect you to comment on the cut of a dress or the detail of my blazer lining, but notice the overall effect.  if i look nice, don’t hesitate to tell me. yeah, i might seem uncomfortable [who’s good at getting compliments, anyway?], but i will remember what shirts you like, etc.

basically, compliment me and my amazing outfit choices.

x leslie



i just feel hot.  today is one of those days.  i don’t normally do this, but i decided to take a picture of myself in my elongating mirror- just to emphasize how gorgeous i feel. here’s my look, and here are some equally beautiful sunflowers that ahlin brought me last week.

some pictures from this week

nail polish

sweet potato fries and grilled cheese sandwich

fashion lusting

clothing from toast.
ah, i really love this store.  what i would give to be shopping in london right now.

dreams really do come true

guys.  anthropologie- the top store for being awesome- is going to start carrying a bridal line… as is wedding dresses, bride’s maid’s dresses and shoes, and accessories, and happiness!  yes, i am very excited.

you can read about it here and go to the [future] website here.

feb. 14 is when the magic happens.

so. excited.


fashion tips

image from nerd boyfriend

fashion for future husband inspiration

image from the neo-traditionalist

fashion for future me inspiration

image from zara

fashion for our future children inspiration


blogging from 10,000 ft

here i am, flying over the US, blogging, looking at Zara’s online collection, and trying to watch millionaire matchmaker- all thanks to google’s internet partnership with delta.

here a a few pieces from zara’s that i love, but don’t think i can pull off:

here are a few item that i am loving from their kid’s collection: