a christmas movie quote

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Man on Porch: Why don’t you kiss her instead of talking her to death?
George Bailey: You want me to kiss her, huh?
Man on Porch: Ah, youth is wasted on the wrong people.

It’s a Wonderful Life

an education

i’ve been wanting to see this film for such a long time.  i adore carey mulligan.  she makes me want to cut my hair again, to the REALLY short length.  i’ve heard such great things about it- the film.  i mean, rotten tomatoes gave is a 94%, so that’s something.

i thought it was so lovely.  the filming, the costumes, the music.  all of it.  my only problem with the film was that the main girl- jenny- blames everyone around her for her mistakes.  she blames her parents for “pushing” her to make the mistakes she made, even though she’s the one that made them… but she was only 17, so that’s understandable. 

here are a couple of lovely shots from the film.

what i watched this past weekend…

i would like to start off by explaining that i am home alone, my family is in spain,  all of my friends over here are either ill or have gone home to visit their families… so, i’ve been watching plenty of stuff…

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someone like you: **** (it’s good to be reminded that not all men are cows)
the wedding date: ** (did you realize that he only fell for her AFTER they slept together?)
the invention of lying: *** (since when was honesty and turrets synonymous)
fantastic mr. fox: ***** (i love literally EVERYTHING in this film.  if i could have a film describe my life, i would want it to be this one)
general conference: **************************(amazing.  these men and women are truly inspired)

film weekend

some weekends i just watch films.  sorry.  that’s just who i am.

friday night, i went out to dinner and saw “bounty hunter” with a couple of friends.  i did not like this film, not even for a chick-flick (and i have lack standards on that).  the film was altogether unbelievable- the characters, the plot lines, the timeline… everything. boo.  also, jennifer a looked SO old.  it wasn’t very appealing.

saturday night i rented two films from iTunes.  the first was “two for the road” with audrey hepburn and arnold finney.  i’ve never seen this film before, and i’m on a quest to see ALL of audrey’s films.  i can’t say that i liked it, but i didn’t not like it.  i was just “emph” about it.  the ending was a little ambiguious and the timeline was a little confusing.  but the wardrobe was awesome.  go 60s!

and then, i watched “all the days before tomorrow.”  i actually really liked this one.  at first, i was really confused, because they leave interpretation up to you as far as the ending goes.  but it was good.  it was kinda slow, but i didn’t mind.  and it had these hilarious little “dreams” for the main character to discover little bits about himself.  i couldn’t find a clip of the one that i wanted, but i found a compilation of clips, including a couple that i love.

[if you are at all interested in the films i’ve mentioned, check out the recent films column on the right and click on the title to watch a trailer… cool, huh?]

how i spend my nights

so, last night, i couldn’t sleep.  you know what i did instead? i watched “you’ve got mail.”  i know this movie gets a lot of crap for being really cheesy, but i actually like it… like a lot.  tom hanks is adorable.  and i think the plot is great… i like a story where the guy fights and changes for a girl.  girls do a lot of work…

3-D = my archnemisis

let me tell you a little bit about my day yesterday:

i went to the steinway & sons factory in london.  man, i love those pianos. -note to future husband: buy me a steinway- i played on three historic pianos.  the first was the original steinway.  the no. 1.  or at least an exact replica of one.  i couldn’t find any pictures of it online and i was an idiot not to take my own piano.  but i got a t-shirt that says i played it! then i played the famous red or ferrari piano.  the last that i played was my favorite.  it was wagner’s piano.  yes, as in THE wagner.  litz also played a little on this baby.  man, that was a good piano.  the soft pedal was so perfect.  and the keys… oooh.  anyways.  there you go.

then, that evening my family went out to westfield mall to see ALICE IN WONDERLAND in 3-D.  we accidentally bought tickets to see it in their “vip” theater.  think private bar, lounge, and reclining leather seats.  yeah, it was pretty comfortable.  still, i hate 3-D.  EVERYTHING was in 3-D: the previews, the ads, the film.  and sometimes they just used it to use it.  after about ten minutes, i already felt ill… vertigo perhaps.  anyways.  i enjoyed the film, just not the 3-D-ness.  then, when we went home, we went by bus.  yeah, and we sat in the back.  anyone who’s ever gone my british bus before understands that that plus my existing nasuea would be a disater.  and it was. 

don’t worry.  i’m alive and feeling much better.