dear future husband:

i don’t think there’s a food i enjoy more than a good cheeseburger…. maybe sweet potato fries.

x leslie


dc: day 2

– 3 mile run along a gorgeous old railroad track that has been converted to a running trail
– thanksgiving feast prep
– thanksgiving with some of laura and peter’s friends
– a trip to arlington cemetery
– monopoly (card game version)
– pie contest (which i did not attend, cause i don’t like pie)
– more monopoly
– eating frozen pizza
– eating a billion pepermint joe-joes because they are delicious!
– watching a league of extraordinary gentlemen

ps: i am thankful for family, friends, food, art, the gospel, music, and pepermint joe-joes.

a date idea

image from here

dear future husband,

i just went on the perfect date with my buddy ag (yes, she’s a girl, so it wasn’t a real date.) but it was a really fun night.  so here’s the date:

– dinner (someplace)
– go to the grocery store and buy ben and jerry’s.
– go to the parking lot behind the provo tabernacle and watch the sunset.

oh, did i mention all of this is done on a scooter/ motorcycle.  yeah, i rode ag’s scooter for the first time last night, and i fell in love.

x leslie

sm is mysterious

one day, sarah told me that she was going to cook a can of soup by holding it over an oven burner.  (the moral of the story is even though it works in “the goofy movie” doesn’t mean it will work in real life.)

and then, yesterday, she cooked some amazing greek food.  i thought i knew her, but i guess sm is just mysterious.

here we all are cooking. (sorry for the bad pic of me; it was the only one i had)