apparently this girl had a dream she was my co-pilot in an awesome van. she also posted this video:

oh great. now i seriously want to jump in a ’60s van, blast the tunes and get outta town. [don’t worry camille, you can come, too.]



so, i was having a really rotten, no good past few days.  school is so close to being over, i think it’s mostly just end of the semester stress… and the cold [it was basically snowing on friday!]

but i have been so blessed this week.  here’s how:

. like i said, semester almost over

. an awesome, selfless boyfriend who let’s me rant, complain, etc. and knows the tease : sympathize ratio perfectly. he also just holds me and lets me be.  remember that scene in waitress (around 1:20)? yeah, that’s how it was for me, these past couple of days.

. family who lets me rant and complain [especially my mother, who just had a birthday!]

. essie nail polish.  this is by far the brightest color i’ve had since i was like 14… but i like it.  it makes me happy (thanks to boy for helping me pick it out)- also their top coat “no chip” works really well. just sayin.

. m&ms

. running/ pilates: these endorphins were definitely needed

. my awesome classmates who listened to me rant

. pandora: well picked songs, as always [new amsterdams, nicole reynolds, angus & julia stone, etc.]

. Mosiah 15

. rain boots

. sweet potato fries and burgers; pizza and lemonade

. divine comedy

i love my roommate [sarah]

today, while organizing/ cleaning, sarah and i had the following conversation[s]:

me: there’s a myth that this is the field that Van Gogh shot himself in.  historically, it’s been proven inaccurate, but I like to stick to the myth. it’s better
sm: I like the idea of getting flowers from a guy. i’ve never gotten them before.
me: really? yeah, i guess i’ve only gotten them from my dad…
sm: i think guys think it’s old fashioned, dying out and cliché.  
me: yeah, but girl’s like cliché.
sm: so true.
me: if you think about it, giving flowers is so ephemeral.  like, “here, have something beautiful that’s going to die.
sm: but if you think about it, it’s more like carpe diem, like a reminder to make life the most of it.
sm: sometimes, i wish we could record our conversations.

happy birthday sm!

last april, i met this girl.  she is so amazing.  we became fast friends, and our bond grew after she went to london and saw everything i had grown to love for two years.

today is her birthday.

sarah:  thanks for the advice.  thanks for being sassy with me, especially when i need it.  thanks for being the “ted” of our group.  thanks for listening to all my mini freak outs and bringing me back to reality.

sarah, you’re the tops.



what i’ve been up to lately:

– school [art theory and methodology, french feminism, art of the medieval west, and writing about arts and the humanities]
– friends
– learning tai-chi.  ok not really.  but i learned a few steps last night
– being way happy
– living with these awesome girls: jen, katie, sarah [and ahlin]