dear future husband:

remember when i said i want to be best friends with you?  i meant it.  at any point in our relationship, i want to feel like i can talk to you about whatever.  yeah, we might have some awkward moments in our relationship- who doesn’t? but i am a comfort oriented person, so, yeah, i want to be comfortable with you.

for reinforcement see this quote, this blog post, and this love message.

that’s all.

x leslie

dear future husband:

i think spending time together is very important. but we get each other for all eternity. so, let’s live up the girl/guy nights, talk to other people at parties, and keep our individuality.

and speaking of girl/guy nights: that is when i will do all my chic-flick [or real housewives reality show] watching and where you can do all your shooting video game playing [or whatever stuff you like to do that i don’t like to do].

x leslie

a mother’s advice.

months ago, after i told my mom about these great guy friends that i had been hanging out with, my mom warned me: leslie, don’t give away your bread slices for free.

i laughed it off because that’s the same thing people say about… well… you know the phrase.

but my mom is so right.  in our current society, guys and girls don’t date.  they hang out.  there’s something wrong with that.  there’s a reason why people date before they get married.  dating can teach you a lot about a person that you don’t see when you hang out.

so, future husband, please don’t “hang out” with me.  please date me.