dear future husband,

we’re going to have a dog.  sometimes, he might sleep in our bed.  you’re going to have to deal with it.

the end.

x leslie


guidelines for wives

Ten Commandments for Wives
Elder LeGrand Richards, Quorum of the Twelve
Ricks College Devotional, 1972

1. Honor thine own womanhood that thy days may be long and happy in the house which thy husband provideth for thee.
2. Expect not thy husband to give thee as many luxuries as thy father hath given thee, after many years of labor and economy.
3. Forget not the virtue of good humor, for verily, all that a man hath will he give for a woman’s smile.
4. Thou shalt not nag.
5. Thou shalt coddle thy husband, for verily every man loveth to be fussed over.
6. Remember that the frank approval of thy husband meaneth more to thy happiness than the side-long glances of many strangers.
7. Forget not the graces of cleanliness and good dressing.
8. Permit no one to assure thee that thou art having a hard time of it, neither thy mother nor thy sister nor thy maiden aunt nor any of thy kinfolk, for the judge will not hold thee guiltless for letting another disparage thy husband. 
9. Keep thy home with all diligence, for out of it will come the joys of thine old age.
10. Commit thy ways unto the Lord thy God and thy children shall rise up and call thee blessed.

dear future husband:

i know i’ve talked about our future family before here, here and here.  but i want to go deeper and tell you what i really want in our future family.

i don’t care what they want to do: sports, music, dance, theater, etc.  i will support them through it all. i only care that i teach them about christ, that i teach them to be good, to pray, study their scriptures, and respect those around them.  i don’t care how they are dressed or how their room is decorated.  i want them to feel safe, loved and better when they are in our home.

because in the end, it doesn’t matter if they are athletic or studious.  what really matters is that we lovingly taught them to be christian.

x leslie