dear future husband:
i am so grateful to my parents.  my mother is a wise, wise woman.  remember her sage advice, here and here?  yeah, i am so grateful that she’s so amazing.  i’m also so grateful that she met and fell in love with my father.  he, too, is such a great example.
i can only hope that i will be that type of parent.  i remember him teaching me valuable spiritual lessons: following the prophets, no matter what; paying your tithing; loving the Lord with all your heart.  those sorts of things.
recently, i’ve started wondering how i would react if one of my children left the Church.  i have relatives who have left, and i have seen inactivity first hand.  its hard.  i don’t know how i would react.  hopefully, though, we will have raised them in such a way that they will return.  hopefully, we will love them enough that somehow, and at sometime they will return.
x leslie
ps.  i really want to be a mother.  don’t let my beliefs about women’s rights confuse you.  i think motherhood is the best calling a person can hope for.


dear future husband:

remember how i told you to be inspired by the time of man elder scott is? well, i re-watched his talk, and i came to the conclusion that i need to be more like his wife.  she was an amazing, self less woman, who truly exemplified Christ in her life.

a few days ago, i was talking with my bishop.  naturally, we had a discussion about dating.  he gave me such wise advice that i want to implement in my next relationship.  he told me something great:

-listening to the promptings of the spirit is really the only way to date.  we know nothing compared to our Father.  He will let us know what to do and how to act if we ask Him.  He loves us and wants us to find happiness and success in dating and marriage.

well, here’s to me bettering myself so i can be the best wife and mother i can be.

x leslie

dear future husband:

i know i’ve talked about our future family before here, here and here.  but i want to go deeper and tell you what i really want in our future family.

i don’t care what they want to do: sports, music, dance, theater, etc.  i will support them through it all. i only care that i teach them about christ, that i teach them to be good, to pray, study their scriptures, and respect those around them.  i don’t care how they are dressed or how their room is decorated.  i want them to feel safe, loved and better when they are in our home.

because in the end, it doesn’t matter if they are athletic or studious.  what really matters is that we lovingly taught them to be christian.

x leslie

general conference weekend

so, it’s general conference time, again.  i love it.  this general conference was really good.  a lot about family, marriage, and serving.  it was the church welfare’s 75th anniversary, and it was neat to hear so many people address what the church does for the world.  my boy had tickets for the conference center for saturday afternoon and sunday morning sessions.  so, we went to those.  then, he dropped me off at katherine and joe’s to watch sunday evening.  katherine made some delicious corn and leek filled peppers, with couscous and homemade cornbread [she’s such a chef.]

you can read the entire conference here, and these are some of my personal favorites: elder cook, president eyring, president monson [saturday afternoon especially], elder scott [always], elder holland [always- and especially if you are a non-member trying to understand what general conference is exactly]

sunday evening we went to my grandparents house for a little family home evening [boy drove up to meet us for that.]  it was great talking about the importance of family while being surrounded by family.

this week’s recap:
– i found what my internship is exactly.  i am a co-curator of a warhol and murakami exhibit coming out sometime in august.  i helped choose the pieces for that on friday. [so cool!]
– weather was awesome all week, until sunday [when it snowed]
– i am awesome at “just dance” [the wii dancing game]; i am only so-so at the kinnekt dancing game
– i made a quiche [so good] and chocolate and m&m cookies  [see pictures below]
– three more weeks of school [but only two more weeks of classes]

image from here

dear future husband:

one day we will go to the temple to be married and sealed together.  i will have you forever and ever and ever.  isn’t that a lovely thought?  to quote one of my favorite movies: eternity is such a beautiful word.

x leslie