I love my mother.  She is the greatest thing in my life.  I have no idea what I would do or where I would be if she was not the amazing lady that she is.  I love her sense of wonder and the way she enjoys discovering new things.  I loved being home when she’d take us all around London, showing us things that she loves.  I love how she shows us her love for us and for the Lord.  Her testimony is so strong, and just by talking with her, I can see that.  I love her sense of hard work and service.  I know these are things that I can incorporate into my own life.  I love that she is so focused and driven.  When she has a goal, she follows through.  She always does her morning exercise and stretches.  She always does her scripture study.  She is truly an amazing woman.  She is the inspiration for me when I think about being a mother.

So, thank you mom.  Thank you for everything.




so, i was having a really rotten, no good past few days.  school is so close to being over, i think it’s mostly just end of the semester stress… and the cold [it was basically snowing on friday!]

but i have been so blessed this week.  here’s how:

. like i said, semester almost over

. an awesome, selfless boyfriend who let’s me rant, complain, etc. and knows the tease : sympathize ratio perfectly. he also just holds me and lets me be.  remember that scene in waitress (around 1:20)? yeah, that’s how it was for me, these past couple of days.

. family who lets me rant and complain [especially my mother, who just had a birthday!]

. essie nail polish.  this is by far the brightest color i’ve had since i was like 14… but i like it.  it makes me happy (thanks to boy for helping me pick it out)- also their top coat “no chip” works really well. just sayin.

. m&ms

. running/ pilates: these endorphins were definitely needed

. my awesome classmates who listened to me rant

. pandora: well picked songs, as always [new amsterdams, nicole reynolds, angus & julia stone, etc.]

. Mosiah 15

. rain boots

. sweet potato fries and burgers; pizza and lemonade

. divine comedy