guest blogger: k & t

Leslie asked me to share my vast relationship knowledge with the blogging world.  I am engaged and going to be married in November, so clearly I am an expert.  No one really cares how T and I met so here’s the Reader’s Digest version:  girl’s family moves to London and she joins.  Girl meets boy in church.  Boy thinks girl is hot and asks her out.  Girl thinks boy is also hot and says yes.  Lots of awesome dates.  Time for girl to go home.  Many months of skype follow with a few visits.  Girl comes back for Thanksgiving.  Boy gives girl ring.  Boy and girl start visa process.  Many more months of skype.  Visa approved.  Boy to join girl in America soon.  Now you’re caught up.  

I think my number one piece of advice on relationships is this: sometimes relationships suck.  Whenever another person is involved and you can’t be completely selfish there are going to be issues and disagreements.  Who cares.  You learn from them and move on.  The whole idea of relationships used to freak me out and I thought I would much rather be on my own.  I was an idiot.  An awesome relationships is so worth sticking out the bad stuff.  
You know how you are supposed to learn from other people’s mistakes?  Well, learn from mine.  Get yourself ready now now for a relationship so when it comes along you are prepared and don’t waste time growing up and panicking that you’ve “lost your independence” and all that other nonsense.  A good, healthy relationship rocks!  
My last piece of advice is this: no long engagement.  Spend a while getting to know each other, but once you have decided you want to get married, why wait?  Trust me on this.  But make sure they are the right one.  Don’t be concerned about social pressure and timelines and expectation and don’t push something great away cause it wasn’t when you planned it.  Do what is right for you, in it’s right time.  Now, go out there and find yourself someone  who makes you laugh and change for the better.  If you have already found this someone give ‘em a big ol’ kiss and let them know you wouldn’t trade them for the world. 

guest blogger!

Dear Husband,

When I first met you, I did not know that you were the one. I didn’t know until after I spent three months telling you I didn’t like you “like that”. When you told me that I was your best friend I realized that I already loved you. I was about to lose you when you told me that you couldn’t be “just my friend” anymore. But when we kissed in the parking lot behind that little bakery, my heart skipped a beat and I knew that I wouldn’t let you go.

A little over a year later, over the altar I promised to love you forever. Three weeks later we live in a cute and chilly green house and I am writing you this letter to tell you that I love you. Each time you roll over at night to sleep closer to me and kiss the back of my neck I know even stronger that I will never let you go. 
Our time was right, and I will always be sorry that I didn’t catch on as quickly as you did.

Love Forever (and then again Forever times Forever),
Your Wife: Lana Aleyse

guest blogger: k & l

my friend L got married a few weeks ago.  here’s her story.  maybe this will inspire us.  she definitely taught me a little something about patience and faith.  wow. thanks L for sharing this.

I loved K. long before I would admit it. To my roommates, to my mom, and especially to myself.

never, ever would I have dreamed I would fall in love with my best friend. my little bboy. my breakdancer. my boy.

when we met, we were lightyears apart. he was a junior, I was a freshman. he partied, I studied. he had dozens of friends, I had three roommates.

besides, I told myself, he’s practically the same height as me. totally not my type.

but what no one tells you about the whole “falling-in-love-with-your-best-friend” thing is that it just sorta happens. one day, you’re giving relationship advice, and the next you’re wondering if you look cute enough for  your weekly lunch date.

I could describe our relationship as taking a lot of patience. an incredible amount of patience before we dated (try a year!) and 7 long months of long distance dating (patient, patient, patient leah) 
during my period of patience, I watched K. date, hang out, flirt and hook up with what felt like every other woman on the planet. I watched him fall in love, and get his heart broken. I watched him get engaged.
but dangit, I loved that kid so much, I knew I had to be there for him. I wouldn’t stop loving him, in my own, secret, absurd way, until I had to.
all I could do was wait, and  be a best friend.
we fell in love for so many reasons, like how he could tell me to stop stressing out and how I could read him like a book.
but really, we fell in love because the day came when we had to choose between a life together, as best friends, and a life as people who used to be best friends, but then moved away and married other people.
I couldn’t say goodbye to him, and let someone else become my “best friend.
and turns out, I never had to.”