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my hair is finally getting long!  but i think that i need to add some layers or something to make it even better… who knows.


random thoughts

currently, i am content, neither ecstatic nor depressed.  it’s a nice feeling.

in an attempt to better prioritize my life, i’ve logged off facebook until after finals (next friday).  instead of wasting my time doing nothing on that, maybe i’ll be more productive in other aspects of my life: blogging, cleaning my apartment, cooking/baking, scripture/ Ensign reading, and just reading in general.  I’ve also wanted to re-start yoga.  maybe that’s what i’ll do in the mornings instead of facebook stalking people.  yes.  good plan.

any book suggestions?  any music suggestions?  any favorite yoga programs?

sorry it’s wavy.  i got out of the shower and decided to not do it.

i’m bored with my hair.  i’ve tried dying it, growing it out (including the bangs), and changing my part.  any thoughts?

i’ve decided to start a “no make-up” monday.  it’s going well.  also, i want to stop wearing mascara and only wear lip color.  i saw it in the j.crew catalogue, and i fell in love.

i haven’t shaved my legs in a little over a month… too far?

sorry about this rant.


another hair post.

so, i’ve been getting bored with my hair. i’ve had this cut for nearly a year now, so of course i’d get bored.  so, after a very quick poll- mostly answered by girls- i’ve decided to grow my hair out, again.  let’s take a little journey down memory lane:

the last picture is a pic of twiggy in the 60s found here.

are you guys excited for this change?  i am.