“You have so much inside you, and the noblest happiness of all. Don’t just wait for a man to come along. That’s the mistake so many women make. Find your happiness in yourself.” – albert camus

dear future husband,
i’m not waiting.
x leslie



now that i’m single and trying to move on from S, i’ve had some deep, get-to-know-myself moments.  here’s what i learned:

– i can be happy without S, and i am.
– i have no idea how to flirt.  seriously.  i don’t know how to just go up to a guy and flirt with him.  i can only flirt if it flows naturally.  i have no control.
– i am an awesome person.  and the next guy i date is going to actually deserve me.
– i’m going to go after quality rather than quantity.  cause no matter how much i hate being single, i think i hate break ups even more.
– i need to be more open with friends.  i’ve had friends ask me if i want to get set up with guys, and instead of being like, “yeah, he seems cool,”  i always say: “idk, do whatever.”  stupid answer.  yes, i want to get set up with him!
– i don’t need to be mad or angry or hate S.  he didn’t want to date me, so he’s dating someone else.  i don’t want to date him, so it’s all good.

happy easter!

i know the symbolism of this day.  i know that three days earlier, Christ was taken, sentenced to death, bruised, broken, and killed on the cross- all part of a loving plan from His Father, so that you and i could be saved.  but that was three days ago.  let’s talk about today.  today, He rose from the grave, triumphantly.  today, He beat death.  He lives, and because of that, He will never abandon us.  He will always be there for us.

this image comes from my trip two falls ago to the Holy Land.  this was taken at the garden tomb. 
this sign is just a simple reminder, but i love it.

just a few thoughts this easter.  have an amazing day!

Au Revoir, for now

I was so lucky to have my two best friends come play with me all last week. I hadn’t seen them for a couple of month, and I probably won’t see them for another year. They’re such good friends.

I miss them already. Not a promising start.

Now before everyone asks what we did, here you go:
Jen came on Thursday so we had a picnic in Hyde Park, played in Leicester Square, saw the play the 39 Steps (so good!). Then, we spent a day in Oxford and at Blenheim castle. The next day we toured the National Gallery, saw a matinee of Les Miserables (amazing!), then spent the rest of the day cozy on the couch. It was a rainy day.

Katie flew in on Sunday, so Jen and I went and picked her up from the airport. Her flight came in two hours late. I got impatient. Then, we spent the day lazy.

Our activities with Katie included:
– the London Eye
– Westminster Abbey (for Evensong)
– Buckingham Palace, and the Palace Mews
– the Tower of London
– St. Paul’s Cathedral
Hamlet, with Jude Law. (AMAZING!)
– Kensington Palace and Gardens
– the V & A Museum
– Portobello Road market
– A matinee of Peter Pan, preformed in Kensington Gardens (how authentic!)
Triolus and Cressida at the Globe Theater
– a day trip to Bath, along with a tour from Bath, through Lacock, and onto Stonehenge

I’m sad they’re gone.

Katie, Me, and Jen at Stonehenge

Reenacting the scene from Harry Potter where “He Who Must Not Be Named” kills Lilly Potter. (I’m Voldemort, Jen is Lilly, and Katie is the baby Harry Potter.)

London from the St. Paul’s Cathedral Dome

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben Clock Tower

Blenheim Castle (the childhood home for Sir Winston Spencer Churchill)