One Month…

Alright, I leave for Paris in less than a month! AHH! So excited!

I’ve done a lot of clothes shopping for the trip, but I still need some things.

What I’ve Got:
– Navy Trench Coat (Zara £40, SALE)
– Black Straight Leg Jeans (Boden £49, expensive, but they fit GREAT!)
– Dark Wash “Uptown” Jeans (Boden £59, expensive, fit GREAT, need to be hemmed.)
– Stripped Green Jumper (Zara $19, SALE)
– Black Velvet Pencil Skirt (Boden £49, yum! Will be great for nights out!)
– “I Am NOT a Plastic Bag” Bag (Portebello Road £5, perfect size for my new camera!)

What I’m waiting for:
– Canon XOS Rebel (Canon, Price ND, I’m excited to practice with this baby!)
– New Makeup (Covergirl, $20 all together)
– French Scriptures (LDS Distribution Center, forgot price)
– MACBook (Apple, Pride ND, YAY!)
– iTouch (Free with MACBook)

What I still need (but mostly just want):
– Messenger Bag (I’ve got my eye on this one)
– Sparkly Headbands (like this one, and this one)
– Wool Knee High Socks to layer with boots(like these)
– Hem my green dress
– Small pouch wallet
– More cute jewelry

I’m going to be broke BEFORE I get to Paris. Oh dear.


Just Some Lovlies…

… to finish your week off. They’re mostly wedding related. Hold on to your hats!

These dresses. Yum, yum! Found via Vintage Glam Weddings
This wedding. I want her dress.
This wedding. I want everything about this wedding.
Oh, and this wedding. I want her dress, too!

Now we move away from wedding themed lovelies…
This photograph.
This quote.
This reminder.
This jewelry.
This story blog.
This music video.

Enjoy! Have a lovely day.

A Little Pick Me Up

Last week, I was feeling down, so I bought these lovelies to give me a little emotional boost. Aren’t they just lovely?

The earrings are just so sweet I couldn’t resist. I love the hint of blue. Just charming.
The bobby pin is a recycled vintage blouse. Isn’t it darling? Now that I’m growing out my hair, it is the perfect accessory. I can’t wait to wear it with the earrings.

I got these lovelies and their photos from The Intrinsic Garden. Go there. You’ll find the most lovely things, and they aren’t that expensive. The earrings were $16 and the bobby-pins came in a set of two for $8. Not bad at all.

Another part of my pick me up buy was 11 CDs from HMV. They were having a huge sale, and I got all the CDs for less than £30. Sweet, huh? I got two Bob Dylan, two White Stripes, one Beck, one Raconteurs, one Red House Painters (pictured above), and two Brendon Benson CDs. I have no need for new music for…. a month at least!