dear future husband:

this would be a cool date.

x leslie



i just feel hot.  today is one of those days.  i don’t normally do this, but i decided to take a picture of myself in my elongating mirror- just to emphasize how gorgeous i feel. here’s my look, and here are some equally beautiful sunflowers that ahlin brought me last week.

love song

image from here

“lovelier than you” – b.o.b

maybe one day girl i pray
we could float off to space
hold my hand ill lead the way
i wont let go or fall a stray
aint no ifs buts and maybes
your my baby my lady
dont you worry baby please ’cause honestly

nothing’s lovelier than you im dangerously, dangerously, dangerously in love
i love her more than i love myself and still that aint enough
if this is a dream i dont want to wake up
we go together like the tub and the shower head above
not even thousands and thousands of miles 
could amount to my love id have countless sky miles
id climb up a mountain and climb right back down
id run across the world and jog back round
noun and a verb is just a sound
and a word is not profound enough to show my urge for her smile
I’d shout on a curb with a loud speaker 
til the entire town heard how i felt and im out

nothing’s lovelier than you

maybe one day we can go
hand in hand down a golden road
and if i get there before you go ill be waiting at the door
in the future hopefully
well be together you and me
dont you worry baby please ’cause honestly

if i could rewind
Both the hands of time
still i would never find
a lovelier design
than you