the update on leslie

highlights of 2011:

– sister got married

– best friends got engaged

– went to florida and saw my first gators

highlights of 2012:

– graduated from college

– internship at national portrait gallery

– got a job as an interior designer’s project manager

– best friends [sm and jk] got married

– fell in love, and fell out of love

– cut off my hair

– got a puppy [morrie]



now that i’m single and trying to move on from S, i’ve had some deep, get-to-know-myself moments.  here’s what i learned:

– i can be happy without S, and i am.
– i have no idea how to flirt.  seriously.  i don’t know how to just go up to a guy and flirt with him.  i can only flirt if it flows naturally.  i have no control.
– i am an awesome person.  and the next guy i date is going to actually deserve me.
– i’m going to go after quality rather than quantity.  cause no matter how much i hate being single, i think i hate break ups even more.
– i need to be more open with friends.  i’ve had friends ask me if i want to get set up with guys, and instead of being like, “yeah, he seems cool,”  i always say: “idk, do whatever.”  stupid answer.  yes, i want to get set up with him!
– i don’t need to be mad or angry or hate S.  he didn’t want to date me, so he’s dating someone else.  i don’t want to date him, so it’s all good.