reminders for the broken-hearted

so, since my recent-ish break-up, i’ve felt a little scared that i’ll never move on [dumb, i know.  i’m in my early twenties].  i found these two blog posts that are so in sync with my mental process that it’s kinda creepy.  i just need to engrain them in my mind.

1. a reminder to “date yourself”.  post-break up i think i’ve forgotten how to be single, and be happy being single.

2. a reminder that i will find the man who deserves me.

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dear future husband:

i constantly am having to remind myself to move on from my past.  i have a few pesky ghosts there, that i need to forget about and enjoy the present.  i would be so upset with myself if i let my baggage get in the way of us working.

x leslie